Professional Actor Scenes Weekend with Giles Forman

Workshop expressly for professionally-trained and experienced actors, who are invited to join Giles Foreman for an acting workout. This is ideal for those who want to keep their acting muscles flexed, develop their skills, work through scenes material and prepare roles etc.

In order to apply to join the Workshop, actors must first send their Filmmakers/Schauspielervideos link to

Professionell Actor Weekend
07./08. October 2023

10am – 6pm

Price: 427 € incl. 19% MwSt.
Early Bird bis 31.05.2023 – 397 € incl. 19% MwSt.

Observers: 2 days 97 € incl. 19% MwSt.

Die Teilnahme läuft über Bewerbung – bitte schicke den Link zu deinem Schauspielprofil an

Giles Foreman takes participants through a thorough process to develop characters and scenes. Students will learn the extraordinary script analysis methodology of Christopher Fettes,  the founder of the Drama Centre London. They will  be introduced to the character analysis work of Yat Malmgren, inner and outer life, how to subtly play the subtext, how to become completely organic and connected to impulse, to use oneself and ones‘ own experiences and emotional resources to bring truth and organic reality to a scene, triggers and sense memory work.

We will team you up with a scene partner and suggest a scene for you to work on. Then connect you with your partner to work on the scene and character prior to the workshop.

Giles Forman

Giles has worked as an acting coach at the Drama Centre, London; Deutsche Schauspiel Akademie, Berlin; The Forum for Filmschauspiel, Berlin; Creative Education, The City Lit; NODA; Stage Center – Jerusalem, the Pula International Festival of Theatre, Croatia; the International Festival of Making Theater, Athens; Trixter and Eicar in Paris; FOCAL in Switzerland; GFCA in Luxembourg; at the Centro del Actor in Madrid; First Take Schauspielschule in Koln, and Munich’s Acting Atelier. He is a specialist in realism for stage and screen and also the ‘Movement Psychology’ work of Yat Malmgren, introducing the work to a new generation of actors in Zurich, Berlin, Paris, Munich, Madrid and Rome.
He has run workshops all over the world and has coached on many movies (See filmography below). These include the award-winning film by Hong Khaou, Lilting starring Ben Whishaw; Schutzlos (Tatort); Der Kreis (which recently won the Teddy award and the audience award at the Berlin Film Festival and has been nominated as an entrant for the best foreign language film at the Oscars); the multi award-winning film Der Goalie bin Ig directed by Sabine Boss; Dawn directed by Romed Wyder and starring Jason Isaacs (UK, Swiss and Israeli co-production); Gletscherblut directed by Marvin Kren (Austria); Swiss GroundingSennentuntschi and Das Schweizer Missen Massaker all directed by Michael Steiner; Pedaleur du Charme directed by Daniel von Aarburg; the award-winning Teddy-nominated Romeos directed by Sabina Bernardi; and Ruhestoerung directed by Robert Ralston.

As a member of the teaching staff at Drama Centre London he taught during a period that produced many renowned actors, notably Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy. He has coached and or directed huge numbers of actors over the years.

Recent credits: 2022 The Empress (Die Kaiserin) (TV Series), 2021 The Girl Before (TV Mini Series), 2021 Neumatt (TV Series), 2021 And Tomorrow We Will Be Dead – feature, 2020 Labyrinth of Peace (TV Mini Series), 2020 Freud (TV Series)


07. - 08.10.2023


427 €


Begrenzte Plätze,
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